Ironcross minus 3


The East Coast heat wave finally broke overnight and today dawned crisp and cool. When I got out on the bike at 9am, after getting the girls off to school, it was maybe 65 degrees with a stiff northerly breeze. Fall weather, Ironcross weather. Got 30 miles in rolling through Norfolk neighborhoods. Felt good. is reporting that it will be partly cloudy with a high of 68 and low of 45 degrees in nearby Carlisle on Sunday. It will be another cold start, but I don’t think it will dawn quite like the 27 degrees last year (I hope). You warm up pretty quick on the climbs though. There’s some rain up there now, which should cut the dust and make the trails and fire roads nice.

Got to start getting things together. Need to buy some Hammer HEED powder and some CO2 cartridges, and maybe a spare bolt for the seat tube, which I always seem to strip. I also need to get some Clif bars and a can of decent espresso. I’m bringing my 4-cup stovetop maker for the hostel so I don’t have to drink the rotgut this year. Here’s the spooky old place:


Ironmaster’s Mansion doesn’t offer the nicest beds or much privacy, but the price ($20) and the location (a mile or so from the start) are right. Team Tripower has rented the whole thing out once again, though I hear a British bike mag writer is joining us to cover the race, especially since Three Peaks in England was canceled on account of hoof-and-mouth disease.

Ironcross is modeled after that Yorkshire race. According to one blog report, six-time Three Peaks winner Rob Jebb will be racing Ironcross, so all his training isn’t for naught. Coupled with a first-time appearance by Keith Bontrager, there’s some new starpower lining up this year.

Counting the days.


2 responses to “Ironcross minus 3

  1. Sounds like it’ll be an epic race. as usual…

  2. Good luck in it – looks a great event and I’m very jealous, having been denied the Three Peaks this year. Hope you don’t need that CO2 – enjoy watching Rob Jebb fly !

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