Cobblestone Cyclocross

Cooked up a mess of pancakes Sunday morning and somehow managed to bundle the whole family into the minivan by 7:40am to drive up to Mechanicsville for the Cobblestone Cyclocross race at Pole Green Park. It may have been #4 in the Virginia Series, but it was my first real ‘cross race due to the absurdly front-end loaded schedule this year. If I have one thing to tell Virginia ‘cross organizers, it’s that it should be chilly out when we’re racing.Getting the family up there allowed both Ellie and Millie a chance to race. Ellie did her first cross race, lining up with the 10-14 Juniors, who started right behind the older juniors and A- and B- women.


I hope Ellie follows in Silly Sal’s footsteps. Sally threw down a great sprint, taking an inside line and forcing the other rider to try to come around on her outside to win the Bs.



El toughed out the race pushing her mountain bike up all the steep little hills and lifting the heavy thing over the barriers for four laps.


Despite the grim look on her face, she insists she had a great time and bragged about it at soccer practice later that day. She got 4th.



Millie had fun too, racing the Winder siblings in the kids race. Brett took off like a shot and Millie did her best to chase. Hope seemed content to just watch. The organizers were awesome enough to give little Mil the second place A-women’s prize since – a bottle of Hammer Gel – since only one A-woman raced. Thanks!

I raced both the 35+ and the B-race for an exhausting day. The 35+ race started fast. I stayed with the lead group through the starting flat and the chicane, but felt a little gassed when we hit the pea gravel. I chased over the barriers…


And up the hill…


To no avail. Mr. Bill and Mr. Russell proved too strong (let alone the even faster trio that beat the three of us).


I came in 6th out of 15. And felt pretty good, so I lined up later for the B-race. More on that later (with videos).


6 responses to “Cobblestone Cyclocross

  1. Looks like a good time, even without the bad weather.

  2. Thanks for the spot at the line in the B race Chris. True class….

    Jimmy D

  3. Wow, what a family! Looks like you’re all in it now. What a great family sport. Fit and fun!

  4. Gotta give your wife credit watching the kids while handling you bottle after bottle. I think she worked harder than you during the races.
    Good racing with you (although I did line up with you, I never saw you after that).

  5. Hi, I had heard Ellie did the cross debut. Great to see the photos!

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