Cobblestone Cross B-race vids

The Cobblestone Cyclocross B-race started a minute behind the A’s on Sunday and we took off like thundering herd, the wind whipping up the dry dusty dirt of Virginia’s drought at Pole Greeen Park on Sunday.

I started poorly, failing to clip in until the turn and losing a bunch of places, but I was tired from my earlier 35+ race. Moments later we rolled through the barriers for the first time – not real fast, but my form was still good. Can you hear the wind? It was brutal out there.

Soon we got some separation, or, I should say, I got separated, dropping off the lead group. I was chasing the VB Wheelmen’s Tim and Jon and trying to get a good gap on Ed from Shore Velocity. One of them was just in front of me, but I just couldn’t make the juncture. Finally the two got together and, working like true teammates, put some real distance on me. I felt pretty good on the course’s flats, but the ups and downs through the chicane were killing my already tired legs.

As the race wore on, a Squadra Coppi rider started to close in on me. He gained through the chicane and I was also slower through the barriers, too tired to leap back on the bike. He caught me through the barriers on the last lap. I tried to ride easy to save energy for the impending sprint, but keep him behind me so I could take the shorter inside line on the final turn. When we jumped, my shorts got caught on my saddle and I had to sit and rise again and by then he had the wheel length he beat me by.

I settled for 15th in a field of 21. Race results here. Doing two races in one day is tough, but it was great to have my family and Tripower teammates and other 757 buds out there cheering. Kudos to Marco, JB, Grizzly Mike and Albe for doubling up as well. And thanks to Michele for shooting these vids. Wish we’d shot more.


One response to “Cobblestone Cross B-race vids

  1. WooT! I can’t wait for some vacx this weekend!
    A race Saturday, and 35+ on Sunday

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