Ciclismo Cross, pumpkins and soccer

No pics, no video, but finally fall snapped in the air and I took to it like TV news crew to a big car wreck 20 minutes before the newscast. Raced the 35+ Ciclismo Cross race at Bryan Park in Richmond. (What a great park! Wish Norfolk had a big old-style park like this.) The course was mostly flat and fast with long road sections, a spongy field, a short single-track climb, some twisting off-road and two sets of barriers. It was either the perfect course for me, the weather or wearing my Tripower skinsuit for the first time, but I had my best race, big-ringing it the whole time.

They started all the masters together (35+ and 45+). I got a good start and rolled through the field in 5th wheel, but you know what they say about 5th wheels and soon I slipped off the pace being set by Dickenson, Kevin, Mr. Russell and a 4th I don’t know. Two laps in that 4th came back to me and I passed and dropped him. Meanwhile Tony B from C’ville came up to my wheel. He and I traded pulls, then I’d drop off the pace, then he’d drop off. He was stronger on the road, but I was stronger on the dirt. We weren’t well suited to working together, but we tried to pull back Kevin and Mark, who’d been dropped by Ed. Every lap we crept a little closer. On the second to last lap, Tony did a monster pull down the long back road section (thanks, Tony), and dropped off through the woods. I thought it might be enough to get me up to Kevin and Mark, but they stayed away. I’ve got to admit it was inspiring to have Kevin just dangling out there. Really wanted to catch them, but I’ll settle for 4th place, my best result of the year.

I was going to hang around and do the B-race, but decided to hoof it home. We still needed to carve a pumpkin as Josh reminded me on his blog. Plus Ellie had soccer practice, and I’d be cutting it tight to race, drive home and get her there in time. Got to have priorities and balance. Had a blast carving the pumpkin with the girls. Let Ellie wield the carver tool for the first time too.


Here’s the result:



2 responses to “Ciclismo Cross, pumpkins and soccer

  1. Good showing at the race. You were right…big ring the whole way. To bad for bum tires. Pumpkin looks great.

  2. very cool. Good race, great pumpkin, and finally, great weather.

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