Outlaw alleycat in Norfolk

Just passing the word. Click on the flyer.


This is right around the corner from my house; I’ll probably check it out after trick-or-treating.


4 responses to “Outlaw alleycat in Norfolk

  1. hey chris,
    thanks for celebrating cycling and being so up-beat about it. it’s just two wheels and a bit of metal. nothing to get crazy over, eh? i think it’s awesome that you have this perspective!

  2. hey dude,
    i wanted to say hi and thanks for commenting on the escalating that took place on my blog this week. i had no idea i could incite such a magnitude of both ire and love. pretty incredible. and i don’t think it’s me: i think it’s the nature of our sport and the internet. thanks for joining the fray. opinions are appreciated.
    keep up the love for our sport.
    warm regards,

  3. Wow – a note from Mandy. Dang, I knew I should have posted a comment on her blog about the “top-tube”. I guess I’ll just settle for the pic of her on my blog (until the wife sees it). Check out my blog, JB has a nice shot of you about to lap me.

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