8 miles and 3rd place

No, for once, I’m not talking about a bike race. My girls made me so proud this weekend.

First, Ellie’s U11 team fought hard for third place in their U11/U12 division soccer tournament. The team did great, winning its two games on Saturday before losing 2-1 Sunday to the eventual winner. Our fullbacks were resilient all weekend, cutting off attacks and sending the ball back quickly on the attack. Ellie got a goal and several assists.

Sunday’s game was key. The girls needed to win to advance to the final, but were playing a U12 squad that had dismantled its Saturday opponents 11-0 and 8-0. We played them tight and the game could have gone either way. Ellie missed twice in the first half, one just trickled past the goalie and across the front of the goal and one slammed off the cross bar. Early in the second half, down 1-0, Ellie beat her defender on the left wing and sent a perfect cross to her teammate who deflected it into the goal to tie things up. It was a beautiful soccer play. Unfortunately the other team scored again in a scramble for the ball in front of our goal and won 2-1. Their coach told us it was the tightest anybody had played them all season. They went on to win the final 3-0, so our girls scored the only goal against them in the tournament. I was very proud of the entire team and Ellie.

Sunday afternoon, I took Millie out to ride her bike. I told her if she’d ride around the bike trail with me, I’d take her out on the trailer-bike, which she loves. While she’s learned to ride without training wheels, she’s had issues stopping. She’d get to where she wanted to stop and just jump off – the bike would crash and she’d tumble. She didn’t like it and clearly had confidence issues.

On that first loop, I worked with her on slowly braking and putting her foot down. She got it. Then she wanted to ride her bike more. The whole family went for a ride up to Plum Point Park, then to Blue Bird, then to the new playground, then home. But she didn’t want to go home, so I went for a run back to Plum Point and she rode along with me. I guesstimate that she rolled up about 8 miles on her bike by the time we finished. And she was clearly more confident on the bike. I was quite proud of her too.


One response to “8 miles and 3rd place

  1. Sorry I missed the Sunday game. Sounds like a valiant effort. Millie played well Saturday, too. She was a goal making machine! Ellie is becoming quite a soccer player and is really fun to watch. I’m proud of them, too.

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