Sunday saw the third running of Tripower‘s Trashmore Cross at the old garbage dump now city park in Virginia Beach.

This post is a little late for me. Usually I’m better at posting race stories more quickly, but this week time got away from me. Trying to compress seven days of newspapers into four production days will do that. And I’m exhausted.

So I’m reducing my race report to a handful of lessons learned. I shot a lot of race video that I need to edit down, but haven’t had the time. Check back over the weekend.

1) Don’t schedule a colonoscopy the week before a race you want to do well. The fasting and the “prep” take a lot out of you. I’ve started mine young because of family history and fortunately was clean as a whistle (in many ways). I’d recommend it for everyone when it comes time because it’s an easy way to catch a very preventable cancer. Just don’t count on a quick recovery of your energy reserves.


2) Replace the old pedals. I’ve been having trouble clipping in on these pedals all year, but out of thrift, I’ve avoided replacing them. Besides not being able to generate any power on Sunday, every time I went to clip in I fumbled around losing forward momentum. With two remounts per lap it added up. It was really bad at the start when the whole field went by as I tried to clip in.

3) Hold on to your gloves. I misplaced a terrific pair of Patagonia glove liners doing the course set-up starting at 6:30am. They were in my back pocket, then they weren’t. Shoot. I’ll miss those when it’s 30 degrees out.

4) Always check the race results in time to protest. Officially, I came in 8th. The problem is, I didn’t. I was 6th, but I failed to check the results until the end of the day. My bad. I’m at fault. But I know who was in front of me and who was behind.



5) Fear the pink cruiser. (photos stolen from K-blog) In reality, I belonged in 8th. Kevin and Rob Dinterman would have finished well in front of me, but both suffered mechanicals on lap 2. Kevin had put his wife’s pink townie bike in the pit as a joke. Next thing you know he’s riding it. Then Rob took a turn. Though they were officially out of the race, they were still mixing it up, swapping turns on each lap, chasing behind me and harassing Keith, who was also back there. At one point, Dinterman closed me down on top of the hill after the run-up. It’s kind of sad being caught by a man on a pink cruiser with a wicker basket. But I respect both Rob’s and Kevin’s strength. I jumped away down the hill and was smooth over the next set of barriers to get away for good, thankfully. I’d never live it down otherwise.

Tripower – my team, admittedly – put on a great race. There was an awesome atmosphere out there, with Crazy on the mic, the kids in the skate park, the passersby and the families of all the 757 cross crew cheering the racers on. There were so many C’s and B’s racing. That was cool and says a lot about the future of cyclocross.

Hopefully we’ll have a few more local races next year. The All About Bikes crew is looking at Sleepy Hole Park in Suffolk. (Thanks for the brats, Shawn; they were awesome.) I think one could probably set up a race at Northside Park in Norfolk as well, even though it’s pretty flat. I’m sure there are other suitable locations.


3 responses to “Trashed

  1. You guys put on a great race. I agree, we need more local races. Nice job out there.

  2. Nice report. New Quarter Park in York County is an excellent site for a cx race.

  3. I love the pink bike!

    I want one 🙂

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