Bragging rights and $5

Will buy a yummy St. George Porter, which is exactly what I did after finishing the “alley cat for kittens” Friday evening in about 21 minutes. Wes shot video of the entire race (um, I mean, scavenger hunt, officer) with three cameras and spliced together this cool video:

I guess I take these things too seriously, but I just love rolling fast through the city in a helter skelter manner like this. It brings me back to the summer when I was a bike courier in D.C. The race took the group of maybe 15 of us to 21st Street, then down by PETA, over to the Pagoda, through downtown to Harbor Park, back to the Greyhound station and up to The Boot on the other end of 21st. It was all of 6.3 miles for me, but it was fun, especially flying down Colley and scrambling through a busy downtown on Friday evening. Four or five guys rolled up a minute or so after me, but some stopped at Empire on Granby for a beverage.

Who had more fun? We all did. Come on out and play next time.

5 responses to “Bragging rights and $5

  1. Looks like fun, but wild!

  2. Congrats on the podium spot. If Santa brings me fixie for Christmas, I’ll join you all out there.

  3. Way to defend and what a fun time! I really need to quit my job.

  4. Looks like it’s time for an upgrade, Chris!

  5. I put up the pics finally……
    What a great time, hopefully next time I will have time to sit and enjoy a brew at The Boot with everyone.

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