Merry Christmas to me!


My present this year was a new bike to replace the Schwinn and its cracked frame. I bought Danbo’s year-old Cannondale CAAD9 team frame, switched my Mavics over and bought a SRAM Force gruppo after reading some reviews that said it was good for sprinters.

I put 20 miles on it before the skies opened Sunday to start getting used to the shifting, then I took it out with the Tripower group on Christmas Eve. The bike is super-light and the handling is almost twitchy. I can feel the power transfer instantly when I push, which is awesome. It has a stiffer feel than the old Schwinn Fastback. It’s definitely going to take some getting used to, but so far it’s doing well. The drivetrain still needs some tweaking though. Getting some miss-shifts, though that may yet be operator error!

With the week off, I hope to get many more miles in on her.


3 responses to “Merry Christmas to me!

  1. She’s looking good bro!its the fastest steed I’ve ever ridden!

  2. looks hot, chris! merry christmas.

  3. she`s definately fast and twichy………good luck taming her, but personaly i just let her FLY……

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