Hair of Dawg


After a late night last night, I got up early this morning and went to run Kale Running’s Hair of the Dog 5K at Mount Trashmore (or Trash Mountmore as Millie called it at dinner tonight). It was my first run since Nov. 7, not counting short bursts in cyclocross races. Suitably inspired by chasing Kevin, I ran a 20:54. We both started too fast, completing the first mile in 6 minutes. I quickly faded, but stayed within striking distance. I tried to surprise Kevin (aka Dawg) in the sprint. It was a photo finish. He nipped me on the gun time, but I pipped him on the chip time. Let’s call it a dead heat.

I finished 4th in the 40-44 age group and 38th overall. The Hair of the Dog is truly unique, featuring a formalwear division for those who partied all night and are still wearing their finery, and a weight challenge that ranked finishers by seconds per pound. On that count, I finished 9th overall, hauling my 190 pound carcass around the course at 6.61 seconds per pound.

My legs started tightening almost immediately after the finish. I’ll recover in a few days (I hope) and plan to do Kale’s Mud In Your Eye cross country series this winter.


After I ran, Ellie did the 1-mile kid’s race and ran a great race. Just like Daddy, she started too fast, but she settled in a gutted it out. Inspired by the finish line, she threw down a mean sprint and took out a couple of the boys in front of her, posting a 9:15. It was cool to watch.



3 responses to “Hair of Dawg

  1. A dead heat it is… That was fun!

    I saw Ellie’s sprint!

  2. Ellie had a great run. I am still impressed w/ those time you and Kev posted with no training!

  3. Your paper actually had you as 3rd in your age bracket. Good job.

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