Wahrani rides swell


New Tripower teammate Jerry (above – all photos stolen from Liz) turned a group of us on to a new trail system in New Kent County yesterday. Wahrani Nature Park is just off Route 30/33 en route to West Point. A big group of us turned out. Besides Jerry and his pal Mark, there was Liz, Carol, Dan, Tripp, Bill, Tim, Silly, McMike, Fat Frog’s Lucas and Elliot and, of course, Mike aka Crazy riding his renewed Crazy Train rig (a Gary Fisher hardtail that he had custom painted – very awesome.)


The Wahrani trails are most excellent. We rode it counter-clockwise, which starts you off with a steep climb, switchbacking straight up a nice little hill. The first half of the course alternates between tough little climbs, twisty single-track and a couple of bombing descents. A lollipop at the back of the park offers the choice between a very steep climb or more of a grinding climb to a tiny hilltop cemetery with a tombstone that appears to be dated from the 1730s. The route back out to the tiny parking lot offers a comparatively flat bombing route with some optional whoop-de-doos and opportunities for air time. While short – only 4 miles – there’s some variety offered by cutoffs and overall it’s very fun and a good workout. Elliot rode impressively, even after jamming his Speedplay road cleats with mud. Need Time pedals, young man. Here’s a shot Liz took of me:


Afterward, we hit Pierce’s Pitt for a fine lunch of Virginia barbecue. Yum. Can’t wait to hit Warhani again. The good folks in the Eastern Virginia Mountainbike Association got the park opened for bikers and did the necessary trail work, so they deserve a big thank you.


4 responses to “Wahrani rides swell

  1. What fun. like to take Golden up there!

  2. Ah- BBQ, should have hung around longer- maybe next time.

  3. i think that was my TOMBSTONE up there????

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