Bye bye SID

A few years ago, Chad, the owner of my original bike shop sponsor, took my base model K2 Razorback and rebuilt it with parts salvaged from his then-wife’s pro-racing bike, which had been damaged in an accident. I had no idea what he’d done, but I walked into Port Norfolk Bikes one day to find my inexpensive MTB suddenly tarted up in a great way with a RockShox SID World Cup fork, Mavic Crossmax tubeless wheels, Hayes disc brakes and a carbon rear triangle. Talk about ultra slimfast. It went from about 30 pounds to about 25.

The K2 has been a great little bike for me as I worked my way from beginner through sport vet to racing in expert vet fields last year (and getting my head handed to me). A few weeks ago I pulled the K2 out for a Sunday romp, pumped up the shocks and rode. When I went to check the shocks again the following Sunday, the RockShox had no negative air pressure. Zip. I pumped it again and rode anyway.

But I was sufficiently concerned that I then dropped it off at Conte’s to have the fork shipped out for a rebuild. Clovis called with the bad news Thursday. Water had somehow gotten into the fork’s interior and the inner stanchions were rusted beyond repair. The $150 rebuild would now be $500, more than a new if lesser fork might cost.

He suggested a RockShox SID Race for a little less that would offer me the same weight savings, but reviews suggest it is awfully flexy, especially for large riders like myself. The World Cup used to flex a lot too, so I tried not to look at it when I was bombing a downhill. I’d rather something stiffer if I’m buying new. The new 2008 SID Race will address the flexiness, but won’t be available until February at the earliest and probably for more money.

So I’m leaning toward a new Fox 32 F80, if I can find one for a decent price. They retail around $750, which to me is indecent, so I’m crossing my fingers.

I’ll miss that SID World Cup though. It’s carried me far, but there’s more mountains to climb.


One response to “Bye bye SID

  1. We should let the people see our steerer tube emails…
    Good luck in your findings, I’m looking for you as well.
    I have a rigid fork if you want 😉

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