Gunned down (happily)

Just finished watching my Patriots go 18-0, beating San Diego to advance to the Super Bowl. I’m sporting a happy little buzz too since I enjoyed a new discovery during the game.

After the Mud in You Eye cross-country 5K on Sunday, Kevin, Marco (who was the bike lead) and I hit Starbucks for a snack and a jolt. Then Kevin and I went to check out Grape & Gourmet, a wine and beer store in Loehmann’s Plaza that Link photographer and beer reviewer Bill Manley told me about. Wow, what a selection of beers – Belgians, American microbrews, stouts, etc. Nothing ordinary and many extraordinary. Advised helpfully by Kevin, the knowledgable owner, I bought a four-pack of Belgians, a Double Bastard and a Green Flash Brewing West Coast IPA from San Diego.

I enjoyed the IPA last night visiting my brother and his family at my Mom’s. It was delicious and sharp, cutting across the palate.


But it was the Unibroue Trois Pistoles that left me all warm on this bitterly cold day. Trois Pistoles, a Belgian-style strong dark ale, is an easy-sipping, long-lasting drinker with 9 percent alcohol. It’s rich with a big taste of cocoa. It comes from a Quebec brewery that Grape & Grain’s Kevin said lured a brewmaster from Duvel to run. At $2.49 a bottle, I’ll surely be enjoying this one again


3 responses to “Gunned down (happily)

  1. That table looks very spacious and uncluttered


  2. Yummmm. Sounds good. Grape & Gourmet is where I got that selection for you b4. A little gem of a store with beer and wine tastings every week for cheap. RIP the old bike, the trusted friend, and on to new rides. Cheers!

  3. you might as well be rooting for floyd landis????

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