Mud in Yer Eye #1


Joined Kevin and Meaghann early Saturday morning to contest the first in Kale Running‘s winter Mud in Your Eye cross country race series. The conditions lived up to the name with a light misting rain before the start and just enough slippery mud on the course at Mount Trashmore. Most challenging was the mud puddle at the bottom of the downhill by the stairs we used to run for Trashmore Cyclocross.

Unlike the Hair of the Dog 5K race, where I ran the first mile in 6:00 flat with Kevin, I tried to go out easy and went through the mile mark a bit behind Kevin in about 6:35. Kevin and I traded back and forth a while. I’d pass him, he’d hit the gas and come by me quickly. After coming off the last hill, I came by him again and juiced it a little and that was enough somehow.

I finished in 21:22, 3rd in my age group and 51st overall. Kevin and Meaghann finished right behind me with Meaghann taking first in her age group. My training may be paying off, but I expect K-Dawg will be back with more bite for the 6K No. 2 on Feb. 9 at Bells Mill Park in Chesapeake. More importantly, it’s a fun alternative to the bike in this cold.


2 responses to “Mud in Yer Eye #1

  1. Great job. It would prob take me 35 min to finish a 5k these days!

  2. Six-minute-mile. Dag. I have a long way to go before I can race like that. Congrats!

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