Dawg’s day

They say every dog has his day and today was Kevin’s, by the hair of his canines.

We’ve built a terrific friendly rivalry running races since New Year’s Day when we essentially dead-heated a 5K. I took round two in the first Mud in Your Eye cross-country race at Mount Trashmore in mid-January. Today was round three and we cajoled Jerry to show up to witness the fireworks.

Kevin describes it well on his blog, but from my perspective, he started like a scalded cat, running near the front and passing through the first mile in about 6:00 flat. I meandered through in a more sensible 6:30. I expected the Dawg to come crawling back to me in the next mile or so, but he maintained a decent 50+ meter buffer. I couldn’t do anything to close it down. A little sidestitch didn’t help. Right after the three-mile mark, he opened to gap to about 100 meters and I thought I was done. But I kept my pace up, and the Dawg, who went too early, started to wilt. In the final stretch, I closed to within about 10 meters, but it was far too late. He looked over his shoulder and dug deep for the finish. Even though he beat me, he got chicked by a 12-year-old (who also held me off throughout the race). The little girl can run.

I finished the 6K four seconds back in 25:39, running a 6:53 pace and in 4th place in the 40-44 age group. I paid for not running but once in the past two weeks, I think. (It is impressive how quickly Kale Running, the event organizers, get results posted. Bike race organizers could learn a thing or two.)

Missed seeing Marco and Meaghann out there, but they had good reasons. Jerry ran real strong too. He’s another multisport threat. After the race, the three of us rolled up 33 miles riding from Bells Mill out to the PLT loop, which high winds prompted us to ride in reverse. Winds blows.

Round three is an 8K at Virginia Wesleyan on Feb. 23. Whatever happens, it will be close. That’s for sure.


4 responses to “Dawg’s day

  1. go DAKOTA…..run girl run!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good thing I’m 4 hours away or you and Kevin would’ve pulled a neck muscle looking over your shoulder at me. way in the back…

  3. i thought you were a runner Mark?

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