Call it a cat trick*

Took out my third straight Norfolk alleycat race last night. The turnout was sad and cool at the same time. While only eight guys showed up to contest this one, two of them were my teammates Jerry and Mark, both of whom wore suits for the race.

This one was essentially a food ride. We had to visit four specific Norfolk grocery stores and buy eight specified items between them. The required spending might have kept the turnout low, but I only dropped $10 on groceries. Got to shop smart. Starting from Core behind the Naro we had to hit Bottom Dollar, Harris Teeter, the new Market downtown and the Farm Fresh in South Norfolk. I broke for that store, the farthest away first, thinking I wouldn’t want to be carrying a full load of canned goods that far. Two guys on fixies managed to stay with me through Ghent and downtown until we got to the pedestrian bridge. Gears climb so much better. I arrived at the Farm Fresh, but it was closed, so we headed back. Again they stayed with me until I went down some steps. Fixies can’t freewheel.

I hit the Market, Harris Teeter and Bottom Dollar in rapid succession , buying my eight items between those stores. At each one I was leaving as others arrived. I scooted to the Boot and finished what for me was an 8-mile race about five minutes ahead of second place. Jerry rolled in third, just moments after second. And our organizer Wes and the rest poured in moments later.

Wes took all the food and plans to donate it to Norfolk Catholic Worker’s food bank. All in all it was fun night and for a good cause, but I felt like crud and this morning I woke up with a massive head cold. Ugh. I really hate being sick.

* The phrase “cat trick” is courtesy of Kevolini LLC. Thank you.


3 responses to “Call it a cat trick*

  1. Uh oh, are you calling in sick for our mtb ride Sunday? I hope not, I want to see that new fork in action!
    Good job on the “cat trick”!

    Feel better

  2. Oh, too bad you’re under the weather. It always comes on the week-end, too. With temps of 83 one day, and 33 the next, it’s hard to keep well. Without my Claritin, I’d be down for the count, too. Screwball weather, as usual. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Way to defend once again. Sounds like a blast. I heard about the closed FL from the guy who works in Conte’s.

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