Idiocy and excellence

I’m the idiot; Ellie is most excellent.

Despite feeling more than a little under the weather, I woke early Sunday morning, got all my stuff together, loaded the K2 with the new Fox fork atop the car and headed up to Freedom Park in Williamsburg where a bunch of folks were gathering to ride. I got all the way to the exit when I realized I forgot to pack my shoes. I blame it on medicine head (and my innate idiocy). At least I got a Trader Joe’s run in.

Someone in my family had a rocking weekend, however. Ellie had a swim meet in Hampton and scored two second places in the 50-meter freestyle and butterfly. She also cut about two seconds off her freestyle time, down to just over 37 seconds. Such results make me really proud of what a competitor she’s become. She’s often racing against girls who train four or more days a week, while she swims twice in a good week with her busy schedule.


One response to “Idiocy and excellence

  1. Forgotten shoes might be your sub-conscious mind telling you to rest. (Don’t I sound like your mother?) Anyway, good for Ellie. She’s The Norfolk Mermaid!

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