Daily Archives: February 22, 2008

Ellie scores in science again


Eleanor, despite her monumental procrastination (she gets comes by it honestly: from me), did real well in the school science fair for the second year. Her project on what’s the best method to clean up oil spills got second place from the judges. She was elated.


Here, she accepts her ribbon from her teacher.


The school had all kinds of fun activities set up for the kids during the science fair. This one was positively hair-raising!

What’s truly amazing is how much of the work she put off until the last weekend, yet how she managed to pull it all together so well. She reminds me a lot of me. It’s her second good year at the science fair too. Last year she got first place in her school and went on to win at the city level. Her school missed the city-wide deadline this year, so we’re done with this year’s project.


Never can have too many

I think I already bought my birthday present. Way early.



The Conte’s team party for Tripower was dangerous.