Daily Archives: February 23, 2008


Today I was dogged. Still congested, I woke to a light drizzle and drove out to the last race in Kale Running‘s Mud in Your Eye series. I was standing 3rd overall, 1:04 ahead of 4th, in the 40-44 age group and hopeful of holding onto my place and beating K-Dawg in the friendly rivalry we’ve built over three previous running races.

It was not to be. The skies opened up and it even thundered as the 8K race got underway. I was soaked and cold before the race even started. Still I ran fine through two miles, rolling along at my usual sub-7 pace, but then people started passing me. I tried to follow, but it felt like a vise was wrapped around my chest and I just couldn’t turn over my legs any faster. The puddles and mud soaked my shoes and it felt like I was running in lead boots. Kevin kept getting farther away and I ran each of the remaining three miles slower and slower.

I finally dragged my freezing, wheezing self across the line in 37:33, at a miserable (for me) 7:33 pace. That’s 40 seconds per mile slower than I’ve been running. The rain and mud slowed me down somewhat, but I blame the dang head cold for how poorly I showed. My mother-in-law, a nurse, thought me a fool for even being out in that weather. And worse than losing to Kevin, I lost my 3rd place in the age group by 13 seconds. I’d beaten the guy for the first two races, but he more than made up for it today.

I guess I got double dogged.