Been trying to think of something clever to say about my first race of the season, the Snowball training crit at the Sportsplex on Sunday, but it was just a race. I rolled out with the Cat 3/4 B-field after minimal warm-up. The pace hung in the mid-20s. I tried to go with a couple of moves, but my legs felt pretty leaden. Seemed like I was pushing too big a gear the entire time. The course is nice, if kind of narrow. The field was bit sketchy, which I guess is to be expected for the season’s first race.

With a couple of laps to go, I started moving back to the front. At some point my right contact slipped out of my eye, but it was all left turns anyway. I had to make a big effort on the back stretch of the last lap to get up to about 5th or 6th wheel. As we rounded the final turn, there was a big hesitation. I guess no one wanted to lead everyone else out. I should have hit it, but I didn’t trust my legs. Then the sprint went and when I stood up I had nothing anyway. Still I held on for eighth. Not too shabby on legs blown out from running an 8K in the storm the day before.
Virginia Beach Velo and East Coast Bicycles put on a nice race. It was great to see all my friends again. Budman Shawn slipped by me in the sprint for 6th. Firemen Josh and John were also in the race. Albe was shooting pics (including the one I stole above), while Jimmy D, Danbo, Mega Meg, McMike and Silly spectated. Jerry and Zach raced the C-race with new teammate David, who took the win with a massive attack on the penultimate lap! JB raced with me. K-Dawg, J-Law, Marc and Crazy ran with the big boys in the A-race.

It’s good to be racing again and nice to see everyone. Looks like everyone stayed fast over the winter.


2 responses to “Snowballed

  1. Sounds like a busy wkend. Way to be out there.

  2. I didnt even see you at the race. Thats prob because I was holding on for dear life terrified I was going to crash in the season’s 1st race!

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