Daily Archives: March 13, 2008

A Hilbert too far

Results have been posted for the first Camp Hilbert MTB race of the year. The numbers confirm my narrative below – I started strong (probably too strong)… turning fast laps of 37 minutes, 36 minutes, 37 minutes and 38 minutes to lie in 5th about halfway through the race.

Then the wheels came off. My next lap took nearly 46 minutes. Cramping, I almost quit, but I drank a lot and literally slogged through a sixth lap in nearly 64 minutes. Oddly I recovered somewhat about a third of the way into my seventh lap and rode that in 47 minutes.

I finished 20th out of 44 starters in 5:05 as shown here. Not bad, but certainly not great. Jimmy D turned 7 laps, 10 minutes faster than I did, to finish in 18th. Kevin did eight in 5:55 to come in 15th and IF-man Mr. Russell of Staunton rolled eight in just under 5:31 to finish in 8th. The winner somehow did nine laps in 5:36!

As much as that hurt, I’ll probably take another stab at enduro. I’m not satisfied with how I did.

Also found some pics of me racing: here. (The links are wonky.)

Thanks again to organizer RunRideRace.