Jeff Cup Cat 4 finish

This is better than photos. This video came to me courtesy of Susie Parrish, wife of NCVC’s Christopher Parrish who finished second in the race.

Gilbert, who was officiating, dropped me an e-mail last night describing how I looked at the finish thusly: “The look on your face was priceless, though. Effort, effort, effort…..JOY!!!!”


10 responses to “Jeff Cup Cat 4 finish

  1. I would say more like JUBILATION !!!

    musta been 4 bike lengths – you were shot out of a rocket at the end….nice!

  2. Wah hoo wah! Great! Wish we all could have been there to see it and scream and holler! Lucky she took that video and nice that she shared it. Cool group of people.

  3. WOW, you crushed it!! First Alley cat, now this. I got my eye on you….

  4. you looked PRO! by the way , nice bike and kit…

  5. Great video–looks like you do that all the time, was going to put a smiley face here but not on e-mail so :> wil have to do

  6. I told you!!! Congrats again!

  7. Nice video and even nicer win!

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