De Vlaamse Leeuw

Johan Museeuw, nicknamed the Lion of Flanders, climbing the Kapelmuur just 15 kilometers from the finish of the Ronde van Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders), which runs again this Sunday. I think this is from his 1998 win. He’s climbing throughout this video, which is set to the tune of the Flemish national anthem (De Vlaamse Leeuw or Flemish Lion). The brutal climb comes after 249 racing kilometers – that’s 155 miles, folks – and includes a pitch of 20 percent. Ouch.

Our buddy Mr. Russell traveled to Belgium this week to ride the cyclosportif over the Flanders course on Saturday. I’m jealous, but wonder if I could even ride that far let alone climb the cobbled steeps.

I can’t wait to see who wins this year. Will it be red hot Cancellara, this year’s quiet Boonen, defending champ Ballan, perennial also-ran Hoste, superstong Gilbert, surprising Chavanel, Italian stallion Pozzatto, the Spaniard Flecha, American contender Hincapie or some dark horse?

I’ll buy a Belgian beverage (of my choice, but a good one) either in the bottle or on draft at the Taphouse in Norfolk for whomever picks the winner first. Picks after midnight Saturday do not count. So who will it be?


5 responses to “De Vlaamse Leeuw

  1. Lief Hoste. The guy is famous for one thing in cycling only – coming in 2nd at Flanders every damn year. Can you imagine what kind of motivation he’s bringing to the race?

  2. I gotta go with my dog Pozzatto! He’s got the coolest hair!
    Chris, we’ll talk more on Saturday night for a top 10 list…

  3. This guy will always be my hero. As lame as it sounds, I’ve got 2 Museeuw replica jerseys, a Mapei edition Cat Eye computer w/ enclosed Johan Museeuw trading card and still have a copy of of the May 2000 issue of Velo News with him on the cover, where he’s pictured, literally dusting the competition at Paris-Roubaix. The man is awesome- Drugs or no drugs, he’s a legend! That being said, I’ve got to support his protege, Tom Boonen. In fact, I hope he pulls off another De Ronde/Roubaix double.

  4. fabian cancelera, i`d like to ppick him also for ROUBAIX………

  5. George Hincapie

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