Chain links

Appropriate to this weekend, check out the trailer for Masterlink Films‘ “Road to Roubaix” documentary. This is a feature-length film on the race otherwise known as the Hell of the North, which was sort of mockingly treated in Scott Coady’s “Cobbles Baby!” I’m eager to see Masterlink’s more serious look at perhaps the most grueling one-day race in road cycling, if you can call cobbled cowpaths roads.

The Unholy Roleur offers this springtime bike riders spotting guide. This one is very funny. Be wary of the Triple Crested Damp Bottomed Roadrunner and Vibrant Plumed Wannabe now that warm-weather may finally be breaking out. And don’t run over the Mushheaded Turkey: He only wants to breed more spawn who think their heads can bounce.

Check out So Faux Pro as well. A presumably higher Cat racer deigns to read and deconstruct whiny blog postings by Cat 4 racers like myself. He’s a D20 guy, so I’ve been spared for now. Maybe he’s no longer fast enough to race, so he’s shooting the flightless ducks in the small pond behind his house. However, it is funny in an insulting kind of way.

This one’s not funny at all. I don’t endorse the views on the Investigate Lance Web site, but I must admit there’s a lot that’s unknowable. I’d like to believe Lance, Tyler and Floyd all raced clean, but it’s beginning to look like most, if not all, of the pro peloton has been dirty for a long time. However, I do object to the anonymity of this site’s organizers. Have the courage to stand behind your convictions.

Speaking of standing behind his convictions, Greg Lemond has been tossed out by the Trek Bicycle Empire for voicing his opinions to the purported detriment of the brand. Urban Velo offered up the above apropos photo of a shocked, shocked Lemond. This story is another one of those that leaves you scratching your head about who’s right, if anybody. But biking news sure is a lot more interesting these days.

Want to ride a mile in a pro’s chamois? If you do, well ewww, but the eBay shop The Pros Closet offers that and more. I suspect this shop, which touts itself as helping “professional athletes and enthusiasts clean out their closets,” is run by or vaguely associated with Brandon Dwight’s Boulder Cycle Sport in Colorado. The eBay shop offers a lot more than used chamois. There are complete bikes, frames, parts, shoes, sunglasses and so on.


One response to “Chain links

  1. THEY ARE ALL CHEATS AND LIARS, EVERYLAST SINGLE ONE OF US ON THIS EARTH!!!!!!!!!! nobody is perfect, don`t believe the hype, of course they were doping, did you see the last issue of dirt rag? one would think, after 7 tour wins, one could finish a 4hr MTB race without water???????but not without DOPE?????? thanx for letting me vent!!!!!!!

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