Hat trick plus one

Ellie had another terrific game in what turned out to be a losing effort by her U-11 advanced squad. After a sluggish start, she came to life, scoring with a strong ball from the left wing to even the game at 1-1.

In the second half, she was expertly set up several more times by Demetra, a teammate who also plays on a U-11 select squad, scoring three more times, including the one shot by Michele above. The last put our girls up 4-3, but the other team scored moments after their kickoff and a defensive breakdown with just a minute to go gave them the one goal margin they needed.

Still Ellie played an awesome game. Besides scoring she served several really nice crosses that her teammates just couldn’t convert. But they’re really getting the idea. There’s a lot of soccer being played. And Ellie once again demonstrated she’s got a nose for the goal and a mean left foot.


2 responses to “Hat trick plus one

  1. She had a pal in Demetra who evidenced great teamwork in passing to El who was spot on to receive and slam it into the goal. Very exciting game. They are really paying attentionto the opportunities.

  2. Way to go, Ellie. All that running around with no wheels would kill me.

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