Sloppy Sunday

The plan was to get up early and scoot over to Newport News to the Casey Crit so Ellie could race Juniors, then I’d race 40+. That way we’d be back in Norfolk in time for her 2:15 p.m. soccer game. But the rain Sunday morning changed both out minds.

Ellie didn’t want to race in the wet again. I didn’t want to race on that course when it was wet. The track around Todd Stadium is hairy enough when it’s dry. Turns out there were a number of crashes, including one that took out four Cat 4 racers, whom I usually race with, sending one to the hospital; and another involving BJ, Tripower’s power-riding grandma. She broke her collarbone, gashed her knee and banged her head hard enough for a mild concussion.

Meanwhile, a large Tripower contingent went west to Ashland for the Twisted Tire MTB race at Poor Farm. Kevin describes the nasty conditions, which lead to more DNFs than finishers. Jerry went ass-over-teakettle and nearly gave himself a gender reassignment with his handlebars and brake lever. Ouch. (Good thing you missed, buddy.) Still there were some good results there as Liz toughed out third in expert women and Mark rolled to third in sport men.

In the afternoon, we took Ellie over to Lake Taylor for her select game. As the girls started to warm-up lightning flashed, which led the ref to call the preceding game. We sat in the van as it poured for about 20 minutes. The rain eased about 10 minutes before the start and the game was on. I told Ellie to score as quickly as she could to give her team an edge in case her game got called too. And lo and behold, Ellie got a sweet through pass and scored in less than 45 seconds. Wow.

She had several more great chances, but the ball rolled just wide right and wide left. The opposing goalie blocked another strong shot from her. Her team went on to score two more goals and, thanks to really strong defensive play from her teammates on the back line, won 3-0.

Amazingly, it stopped raining and by the end of the game, the sun was shining bright. When I got home, I jumped on my fixie and rolled over to Colley Ave. to see if the Global Gutz alley cat, organized locally by Kurtz and David, was going down as planned. It was supposed to be an exactly 13-mile race with five checkpoints timed against the clock, so we could compete with racers from Germany to Australia. Turns out our course was more like 15 miles and the wind killed any chance we had to be competitive.

The course took us from Ghent through ODU to the end of Powhatan, up Hampton Boulevard, over Little Creek Road, down Granby Street and over to Plum Point Park on the riverfront. It was fun, but the stiff southeasterly made the run down Granby a slog, especially since I’m still pushing 54×16 from the track race last weekend. Still I finished in about 49 minutes, about four minutes before Wes rolled up and in time to buy a $2 Virginia draft – I chose the St. George IPA – at the Sunday happy hour at the Taphouse on 21st Street.

Fortunately the rain held off and everybody stayed upright in our scavenger hunt. And this time Kurtz even bought me a beer. Thanks!

Here’s hoping everyone heals up fast.


4 responses to “Sloppy Sunday

  1. Ouch. Those falls had to hurt. Good call to skip that one. Do you guys ever just take it easy?

  2. You chose the cleanest option for sure. Worldwide Alleycat winner, cool. I was glad to see the return of St George IPA to Taphouse last time I was there!

  3. Congrats, once again!

    Next race, if it fits into your schedule:

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