Instant classic?

Watch the two-part finale of this year’s Monte Paschi Eroica below and tell me that race doesn’t have the look and feel of a classic despite this being just the second running. Each segment runs about 10 minutes, so sit back and enjoy.

Part 1:

Part 2

I first saw these on Belgium Knee Warmers and wanted to share. Looks like a gorgeous part of Italy even in early March. The crowds are small, but the racing and roads look truly difficult. Almost reminds me of a less mountainous Ironcross.

Interestingly the results are very similar to Paris-Roubaix minus Tom Boonen. Fabulous Cancellara takes first, Ballan second and Slipstream revelation Maaskant slotting into fourth. Slipstream’s Steve “Fly Stache” Cozza said he’d be back to a “cool” Eroica.


One response to “Instant classic?

  1. I know that racers are “responsible for knowing the course”, but DAMN!!! I “fo sho” would’ve gotten lost in that race!!

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