Epic parents vs. girls match

The coach of Ellie’s U11 advanced squad issued this challenge to the parents:

“Our last practice this season will be Tuesday April 29th and it has been a tradition for the last 3 seasons that the girls take on the parents for end of the season bragging rights; therefore, this Tuesday dust off your cleats and come out by 5PM so you can see up close if Scotti is really as tough as she looks on the field. Can you keep up with Cherise as she blows by you as if you are standing still? Don’t let Mary Elizabeth fool you; I still have a scab from where she cleated my shin two weeks ago. Do not worry if you are not in shape to run the field for 45 minutes there will need to be a goalie for the parents to stop Ellie’s point blank shots because your defensive players can’t run another step.”

How could I resist? Plus I’m the assistant coach, so I make any practice I can.

We had a good turnout and played 10 v. 10. It was a lot of fun. Ellie drew first blood on this play after I lost the ball – she made a great kick on the run that soared just over the outstretched fingers of Alexis’ dad:

Later in the half, I pulled my hamstring rushing a loose ball in the goal after Coach Mike’s son bobbled his father’s shot on this play – I overextended my stride sprinting in, then he and I kicked the ball at the same moment:

I kept playing though and Coach Mike scored for the parents early in the second half. Then Ellie went into the goal freeing Coach Mike’s son to play on the field with the girls. Ellie blocked a difficult shot from me as I attacked along the backline. Then Coach Mike’s son scored a go-ahead goal for the girls and he went back to playing goalie.

Later I got another breakaway and was one-on-one with him, but since he’s such a good goalie I hesitated. He rushed me and I flicked it over to Meghan’s mom who popped the ball in to even the score. (Technically, she was offsides, but we’d already decided that we wouldn’t call offsides in the game.)

The game ended a few minutes later, much to Ellie’s chagrin, 2-2. But it was exhausting for all of us parents not used to running that much around the soccer pitch. Soon enough we parents won’t stand a chance against this group of girls. They’re getting strong.

Next up, the end of season tournament. Ellie likely will end up playing five games this weekend: three on Saturday and two Sunday, including select games on both days. Unfortunately her advanced tournament championship game (if her team makes it) would conflict with her Sunday select game.


One response to “Epic parents vs. girls match

  1. That really was a pretty goal, wasn’t it!

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