Another busy week

The past week or so has been more than a bit nuts. Last week was the last week of school for Ellie and Millie and both had graduation events – El from elementary school and Mil from pre-K. I’m working on a video for those that Michele and I shot with our new video camera – a Canon FS-100 – which uses flash memory and is quite tiny. We’ve been quite satisfied so far, but will need to get an external hard drive for the Mac because the videos gobble memory.

On Father’s Day, I had a full day of racing at Langley Speedway, including a track omnium in the morning and my Cat 4 race race in the afternoon and El also raced the juniors. Unfortunately Michele was ill overnight and spent most of the day in bed. She’s only now starting to feel better.

She’s been extraordinarily busy what with the end of school, the start-up of the summer club swim team for which she’s one of the organizers and just managing three kids. I really am blessed.

We’re also fortunate that she can even stay at home. It isn’t easy – we’re falling behind a little more every month, but it’s only a little and I believe it’s manageable. If it weren’t for the biking, we’d probably be ahead of the game, but then I’d have gone off my rocker. It really keeps me sane, centered and healthy.

Look for the video and more on Sunday’s racing soon.


One response to “Another busy week

  1. How did Ellie do racing on Father’s Day? I’ll check her blog. Hope she’s been back on it with updates. And I hope Michele’s better.

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