Powering to Peking

I know, I know, but Beijing doesn’t allow alliteration.

Check out this video of 17-year-old Taylor Phinney powering to a new junior world record in the 3,000-meter individual pursuit (basically a time trial) at LA’s velodrome:

The kid is flying. He is the product of good genes, son of Davis Phinney, the 7-Eleven team sprinter who remains the United States winningest bike racer, and Connie Carpenter-Phinney, a teenage Olympic speed skater turned collegiate national champion rower turned gold medalist bike racer.

The younger Phinney has already been tapped to ride in the upcoming summer Olympics, so more gold may be forthcoming for this family.

Wish we had a track like that around here or anywhere near here.


One response to “Powering to Peking

  1. Wow, I heard he was fast. Even the camera person could not keep up with him. Showing my total track ignorance here: but what was all the whistle blowing going on during his ride?

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