A record setter

After a year of knocking on the door, Ellie broke a swimming record at our club. She’s been close to the 25-free time since last summer, but she put her name on the board thanks to a relay. She and three other 10-and-under girls rocked a 100-free relay in 1:10.09 on Saturday. That time knocked a quarter second off a 9-year-old club record held by the daughter of our head coach.

This group of girls has the potential to carve more time off that record. All four swim sub-18 second 25s and Ellie and another girl are both close to going sub-17.

Millie also swam her first swim meet on Saturday. She swam the first leg on a 100-free mixed relay that was in fourth until the boy swimming the anchor leg refused to swim and they were disqualified. Then she swam a 25-free in 49 seconds, winning her heat and coming in 11th overall, which was awesome. Unfortunately Audrey needed to go potty right then, so I missed her swim. I was bummed, yet thrilled that she did so well.


3 responses to “A record setter

  1. Congrats!!! Good job Elllie and Millie!

  2. Check between your toes and see if there is any webbing–think my granddaughters might be part mermaid. Fantastic;;; congrats to both

  3. How exciting! I really want to attend the next meet, so will call for date and times. Congrats to the little fishes, Ellie and Millie!

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