Finally and goodbye

I finally made it all the way to the end of the Tuesday Night (Great Bridge) World Championship ride. It was a killer night. All of Team LeBleu came out for a send-off for Bender, who’s had a rip-roaring season for them. I was just starting to get to know him, but he’s a cool, very fast customer who’s now left the Navy after 10 years as a pilot and is driving west to Berkeley to get an MBA on a full-ride from Power Bar. How cool is that? He’ll certainly be missed. I wish I’d rode with him more often. That which does not kill me would have made me stronger.

The blue team certainly ramped it up and let it rip Tuesday. Dinterman, GeneR, KeithJ, Harlan and others I don’t know all hit the gas hard. And Bender hit it harder than most. There were times I was cross-eyed trying to hang on. At the end of the ride I rolled up 46 miles in 1:45, averaging about 26.5 miles per hour.

Good luck, Jim. Enjoy the left coast and finding your inner treehugger.


One response to “Finally and goodbye

  1. Thanks for all the riding friend. IT was good to meet you and I’ll be following you on your blog! That new trek looks pretty nice. Wick said you only have a milli-meter of clearance between cranks and frame. Get ride of those cranks before you put a hole in your new carbon wonderbike!

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