Let Freedom Ride #2

For the second year in a row, Danbo led a Fourth of July ride from Freedom Park in Williamsburg. Unlike last year, this was a road ride – 50 miles up into New Kent County. Kevin made it for the second running and Harlan, Jerry and Chad joined us. We missed you Liz (who was with us last year).

I felt terrible early in the ride until about 20 miles in when Dan observed that my rear brake was cockeyed and rubbing. I felt a little better after that, but the damage was done. My legs just hurt. Still we had fun. Jerry flew up every hill and killed us with deadly pulls on the flats. He is riding strong right now.

This last photo is begging for a caption. Anyone?


4 responses to “Let Freedom Ride #2

  1. How many times did K-Blogg get dropped??

  2. caption: YOU! Go to your zoom!

  3. “Thanks YOU for coming back to get me”

  4. Hi,

    I’m a very old friend of your mother’s. We dated in high school.

    I was telling ther that I have been biking to work and she had me log into this BLOG.

    Like you white shirt and tie. Your personality is similar to “Mom’s” I’ll bet.

    Catch you again soon … and good luck at thye Iron Cross.


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