Millie breaks through

My Millie had a breakthrough swim meet on Saturday. She carved 7 seconds off her 25-meter freestyle, swimming it in just over 39 seconds, and finishing 7th in the 6-and-unders. Then she lopped 8 seconds off her 25-meter backstroke, finishing in 5th place with a time of just over 42 seconds. She was the fastest 5-year-old in both strokes. She also swam her mixed relay team into a solid 4th place. Not bad for her third meet. I think we’ve got another swimmer on our hands.

Ellie swam in two relays that got 1st and swam to two 2nds in the 25-free and 25-breast, but was disappointed that she didn’t improve her times. She also didn’t have a good butterfly. She’s been working on the stroke with her coaches and one remarked she swam with her head and not her body. Still I think her ribbon haul was pretty good. The photo above is her start for the breast stroke.


One response to “Millie breaks through

  1. It was fun to watch the girls pour it on. A couple of water bugs! No jiggly thighs in this crew! Great showing, ladies!

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