Summer Saturday rest days

For many cyclists Saturday is the day to get up early and ride long and hard with your favorite group of local hammerheads, but not in the summertime for me. Most summer Saturdays are for my daughters’ swim meets. I still get up early, but we must hurry off to our own pool or someone else’s for five hours of sizzling in the sun as heat after heat of kids swim for blue, red, white and countless other ribbons.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to ride to three of the away meets so far, but the 17- to 20-mile spins make it more of a rest day to me.

Fortunately I love to watch Ellie and Millie compete. Ellie is one of the top swimmers in our local division in the 25 free and her 100-free girls relay team is superstrong, lowering our club record three times this year. Millie emerged as the fastest 5-year-old as well in both the freestyle and the back – amazing because she could barely swim a length of the pool when the summer began.

This Saturday is the summer’s last meet – the coveted All-Star meet where the swimmers with the top 12 times from the six local divisions come together. Ellie is seeded sixth in the 25 free thanks to the 16.93 she swam last week, so she’ll be in the final heat. And her relay team is seeded second. I can’t wait to see both events. (Millie’s not going since she swims against 6-year-olds, but if she continues to improve I wouldn’t be surprised to see her there next year.)

Soon my Saturday mornings will be for riding again, not just rest or spinning days.

At least until soccer begins.


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