Ellie rocks and sets two records

My girl Ellie rocks (even though she does a lousy job of keeping up her blog). This morning was the all-star swim meet featuring 12 swimmers with the best times in every event from each of the Virginia Beach Swim League’s six divisions. Ellie was the 6th seed in 25 free, swimming in the second, faster heat.

Earlier this week, Ellie’s coaches noticed that she’s been leaning to the left before she dives, which pushed her too deep into the water, and worked to correct it. Her Nonnie (my mom) also talked to her about uncorking something extra toward the end of races. Between the technical and inspirational advice, it worked. Ellie jammed in her heat, diving well and going hard all the way into the wall to take 3rd place.

She carved three-quarters of a second off her previous best time to swim in 16.17, which also broke our swim club record for 10-and-under girls. (And in the very last meet she could do it.) Ellie had been gunning for that record and finally got it. You should have seen the smile on her face.

She also swam strongly in the 100-free girls relay, which finished second as seeded. The quartet lowered the record they’ve broken four times this year by more than a second to 1:07.43. How cool is that?


2 responses to “Ellie rocks and sets two records

  1. That’s our girl! What a wonderful showing and we’re all very proud of her. Those long, lean legs are a heckuva lot more than just pretty pegs!

  2. Our next future Olympian as we know it, great job for Ellie, keep it up!!!!!

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