Monthly Archives: September 2008

The goal girls

Last weekend sent the family to four soccer games in two days and did the girls ever impress.

Audrey scored her first goal ever, taking the ball early in her U-5 3-v.-3 game and dribbling it right into the tiny goal with the other girls in hot pursuit. The smile on her face was priceless.

Amelia started her game worried about a boo-boo on her finger and sort of disconnected from the U-6 3-v.-3 tumult going on around her. When Coach Mommy moved to send her off the field, she glared at her, ran over, stole the ball and dribbled down to score the first of her six goals in the game. Classic Millie.

On Saturday afternoon, Ellie played the whole U-12 advanced game at left forward. She and the left midfielder communicated beautifully, passing the ball forward, back and then through. Ellie showed moves and speed, seemingly breaking free at will. She scored four times – twice on breakaways with longer shots, once point-blank when a teammate miss-kicked and the defense failed to clear and once on a penalty kick after a handball in the box. Her most beautiful shot though just failed to score. On a direct kick from just outside the box, she dropped the ball over the defensive line toward the left corner and opposing goalie just managed to catch it. Her team won 4-3.

On Sunday, she played with her U-11 select squad. I missed the game because I was riding with friends in York and New Kent counties, but it was another stellar performance for El. She played about 30 minutes at forward and scored three times, twice on breakaway through balls. She also played some defense. Her team won the game 3-2.

Two hat tricks in one weekend. How about that?