Starcrossed Ironcross

My great hopes to finally go under 5 hours at this year’s Ironcross are slipping away, I’m afraid. I’ve let the months before the race get away from me.

I’d hoped to lay the base miles in while on vacation in New Hampshire in August, but a crash laid waste to those plans and I lost two weeks on the bike. I finally started riding again in early September, but my promotion to business editor of The Virginian-Pilot put me in charge as the housing crisis and credit crunch hobbled financial markets creating one of the most difficult times for our economy since the Great Depression. I’ve spent more than a few 12-hour days in the office and haven’t ridden but once during week the past three weeks aside from back and forth from the newspaper. I’ve ridden some on the weekends, including two longish rides in New Kent County on a mix of tarmac and gravel roads courtesy of Danbo; however, my Saturday rides have been cut short by either the girls’ soccer or rain.

A week out from Ironcross, my body worn down my long hours at work, I’m now sick with a head cold. I did ride 30 yesterday before Ellie’s soccer game (she scored six goals! a double hat trick and won 6-3), but I’m laying low today. Don’t want to exacerbate things.

Meanwhile, despite the best laid plans, my cross bike remains uncoverted to Ironcross gearing. I need to either put a compact crankset on the front or switch the cassette and derailleur off my mountain bike. I also need to retape the bars. And I’m just feeling slackadaisical.

But I am going. Hoping that I’ll feel better by the weekend. I’ll try my best. Maybe some of the form from this summer is still down there somewhere.


6 responses to “Starcrossed Ironcross

  1. Sorry about the headcold. Be careful with it-my friend, Paula, whom you’ve met, started out that way, went into strep and is now in ICU at Bayside and they can’t figure out what it is. All that gloom aside, I expect you’ll be up and running at the Ironcross and able to place or show, if not win. KUDOS to Ellie who scored really bigtime at soccer yesterday. What a champ!

  2. Can’t figure out why it still says, ‘No comments so far”. It msut take some time. Off to granna’s today to look at housing. Hope you’re feeling better.

  3. I think you’ll do fine Chris and you’re being way to hard on self. Life happens and we ride as a sport and hobby and way to let off steam and have fun with the crew.
    Make it an epic ride with only one flat tire, and you just might grab that goal of yours.
    Congrats on the upgrade at work! And it must be the absolute busiest time to run the business section of our paper.
    Let me know if you need help with your bike

  4. give`em hell, i seem to remember some dude complaining back in the spring about the same as you now, and he brought home the gold from C-VILLE!!!! ride it like ya stole it……..

  5. Chris- where’s that PMA? What about all that secret weapon stuff we talked about at the Camp Hilbert race? I know you’ll do well– I’m gonna miss you and Marco at dinner!

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