Call me Frame Cracker

Seriously, three frames in one year. I should be paid to test the durability of frames. I’m stunned. And this one didn’t last but maybe 10 rides.

The Top Fuel bit it today. Not a mile into the Tidewater MTB Challenge course I was suddenly having wierd shifting issues when I tried to climb. Mike from East Coast Bikes was riding right behind me. He adjusted the rear derailleur. It happened again. He adjusted the front derailleur. It happened again. I looked down and saw some wierd flex in the cranks. He looked and said “Dude, it’s cracked.” All around the bottom bracket shell the red coat was cracking and carbon fiber splintering. Thankfully he’s my dealer and saw it fail and Trek will warranty the frame.

I don’t know what the deal is. I cracked my old Schwinn road frame at the bottom bracket last November. In May, I cracked the K2 MTB at the rear shock attachment. Those were both older bikes. But this one was  brand new, never crashed. I have no idea why it failed. Too bad though, I really liked how it rode.

Kevin says there’s nothing easy about how I ride. I sort of plow through the woods rather than finessing things. I admit it. I’m tough on my bikes. But I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary to this frame. Today, I was out rolling a first lap easy, trying to get a feel for what is a rooty trail. Instead I found my self hiking for the second Sunday in a row.


7 responses to “Call me Frame Cracker

  1. Seriously, three frames in one year. You should be paid to test the durability of frames. We’re stunned.

    All seriousness aside, Chris, I’m an “old” friend of your Mom and was talking with her last week. She introduced me to your Blog and asked me to leave a comment and I did. However, she couldn’t find it … so, I promised to add another.

    I ride to work 2-3 times per week (approx. 26 miles round trip dependiong on the rout) but I can’t compete with every day like you do. Nor do I attempt the off-rode rides you are doing. In Dececmber, I had my right shoulder “rebuilt” after a softball injury suffered last November in the Winter Nationals so I’m not really willing to get that injured again. I had the left one repaired 6 years ago. I also tore up a knee skiing, lost some teeth playing hardball and have numerous scars from other lesser incidents.

    I hear that you’ve suffered yours, as well. Being dedicated to something usually equates to the requirement to get by the pitfalls, eh?

    I’m gonna be 65 in Aprl and am riding “for my life”. I’m trying to STAY as healthy as I am and can be going ito the “winter of my life”.

    I envy your age and hear that you’re a really cool guy. I’m not surprised … you’re Mom was a pretty cool girl … and appears to still be so.

    Keep it up, my man. Stay hard at it and stay healthy. Maybe someday, I’ll get to meet you … who knows?

    Mike Agresti

  2. Now will you please get a steel frame? You know what they say, ” Steel is real…..heavy”

  3. Dude, you’re like a bull in a china shop!
    That said, frames should not be cracking.
    I’m sorry to see this Chris.
    Will you have something to ride in the Challenge?
    What will they replace it with?

  4. another one bites the dust, you should wright a song……

  5. …maybe it’s hiking you should take up since you’re doing so much of it? …nah…there are no mountains to hike thru around here. Sorry about the bike. Good thing it was warranted.

  6. All kidding aside, I think Jerry’s on to something.

  7. Hmmmm….. steel! Old Skool!
    That really sucks about three frames in a year!

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