The Southern Cross

Endurance cross racing is catching on. In the spirit of Ironcross in Pennsylvania and Three Peaks in England, an Atlanta race organizer has put together Southern Cross in north Georgia. It will be about a 50-mile race starting and finishing on a cross course at Mulberry Gap, an outdoor camp in Ellijay, Ga. After riding the cross course, riders will have to do one giant 45-mile lap of gravel roads and climbing. The race is Jan. 24, so who knows what the weather will offer. The first year it’s only open to 50 riders.

I figure it’s about a 9-hour drive. Who’s in? Did I mention there’s free beer?


4 responses to “The Southern Cross

  1. its lookin like a “highly possible” for me! We should round up the posse!

  2. …glutton…

  3. letz do it….i know agood training route or 2???

  4. i juzz signed up!!! letz figure out lodging,the malbury lodge soundz good??? give me a call…

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