Back in the saddle

I’m riding again. The pain in my hip has subsided finally. I did an easy 52-mile B-pace ride on Thanksgiving Day with the team. It was OK, but I was glad the pace wasn’t any faster and the legs were tired toward the end. On Saturday I rode solo for about 40 miles, pushing myself much of the way. There’s still some strength in the legs, but the snap is gone and I was dead after about 35 miles.

I’ve written off cyclocross this season, which really bums me out. I was real jealous watching everyone play in the mud Sunday at the state championship cross race at Mount Trashmore. I love that kind of racing. I hope to get some of my form back in time to ride well in the few January cross races that are starting to appear on the calendar, including Kale Running’s Virginia Beach Challenge weekend, which includes a cross race and a dirt duathlon.

Still need to repair my cross bike after the Ironcross hike-a-bike. Oi. I’m slacking.


3 responses to “Back in the saddle

  1. I am with you on the sidelines. Glad you are back on the bike anyway. No more Halloween 4 U.

  2. Don’t feel too bad- I don’t think I’ve had a cross bike on my shoulder since your header picture was taken– now that’s pretty f***ing sad!

  3. Stick in there… those aches and pains seems to come and go on a strange schedule as you get older. Anytime you want to get out on a ride let me know!

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