The fourth day of Cyclomas, a fantasy

The Christmas bike fairy gave to me

A Rapha tweed softshell jacket…


Rapha, because I’m worth it. Okay, okay. Even I admit deep in my fantasy that $750 is simply ridiculous for a cycling jacket, however cool it may be. Still I can’t help wondering whether Rapha gear is worth the price. What’s so special? The London tailors? Rapha says that because road racing is the toughest and most beautiful sport in the world, cyclists shouldn’t have to compromise between performance and style. Our riding clothes should be as well designed as our carbon bikes.

Maybe I could settle for the $285 lightweight softshell in red…


or the $205 fixed shorts


Or, more likely based on my real budget, the $17 Nocturne cap


I am curious after all. But am I worth it?


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