The fifth day of Cyclomas, a fantasy

The Christmas bike fairy gave to me (and everyone else)…

A true system of bike paths throughout the entire Hampton Roads region. And some cool bike racks everywhere like those designed by David Bowie that were recently installed by in New York City:


How nice would it be to be able to ride your bike safely anywhere and be able to lock it up without fears of traffic and theft? Obviously neither would go away, but a system of paths would allow commuters, casual riders and families to get around and enjoy themselves. Imagine a path paralleling the light rail line that would make the ride from downtown Norfolk to the Virginia Beach oceanfront a breeze. Imagine a bike path through the expanded Midtown Tunnel that would allow riders from Norfolk to head over to Portsmouth and Suffolk for long rural rides. Imagine bike paths over the all the bridges in Chesapeake. More people would take advantage of our year-round reasonable weather and ride to work and shopping, especially if/when gas prices rise again toward $4 a gallon. If more people rode bikes, more people would be aware of them and would share the road with those of us who need or want to ride there. Maybe I’m crazy, but this is my fantasy.



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