The seventh day of Cyclomas, a fantasy

The Christmas bike faerie gave to me…

A subscription to Rouleur quarterly magazine:

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Rouleur is to Bicycling magazine what a Independent Fabrication custom bike is to a Schwinn. It’s an English quarterly dedicated to the art, devotion and sacrifice that is bike racing. It is filled with stunning photography, well written articles and interesting interviews. But it doesn’t come cheap. Single issues will set you back $16. A year’s subscription would cost $51 + another $40 shipping at today’s exchange rate, but one has to upgrade and get the Rouleur Photography Annual 2008, which nearly doubles the cost to $97.50 + the $40 for shipping. It’s expensive. Maybe I should just settle for VeloNews ($30 a year), Cyclocross Magazine ($20 a year) and Urban Velo ($18 a year or a free download). Then again, giving those up almost gets me to Rouleur.


One response to “The seventh day of Cyclomas, a fantasy

  1. Roleur is pretty awesome, an incredible product overall. They’re raising the bar on things.

    Just keep downloading Urban Velo, and we’re all set…

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