The eighth day of Cyclomas, a fantasy

The Christmas bike faerie gave to me…

Some prescription riding sunglasses, like these Smith Optics Mavericks:


Or, even better, these Rudy Project Syluro S-Wides:


This is something that will join my arsenal sooner or later if the Christmas bike faerie ignores my greedy little requests. I’ve had issues during many rides and races with my contacts. I rode many miles of the 2007 Ironcross without a contact after it dried up and tore and I lost another contact at the most recent one. I had a contact dry up and slip out in the closing laps of a race at the Sportsplex in the spring. It’s not a good thing. The Rudy’s or some other sunglasses with an interchangeable lens system is probably the best bet, but will no doubt cost more.


One response to “The eighth day of Cyclomas, a fantasy

  1. Try some sweet tifosi’s, I’ve heard they’re pretty sweet. Oh by the way you can pick up a pair at East Coast Bikes.

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