The eleventh day of Cyclomas, a fantasy

The Christmas bike faerie gave to me…

A huge park, smack in the middle of Hampton Roads, with mountain bike trails and winding roads, where we could ride and race unmolested or without driving an hour or more west. One sort of like the James River Park system in Richmond and the mountain-bike trail that links the system together. It is so frustrating to have to drive an hour or more to find decent trails – unless one counts Ipswitch, which is okay for its measly 2- to 3-mile flat track.

This is surely a fantasy because there is no such contiguous land left in Hampton Roads where such a park could be built. It’s a shame our region’s forefathers failed to have the foresight to set aside some land and create a Frederick Law Olmstead style park a la Central Park in New York City. Perhaps Chesapeake could do something grand in its southern reaches, but it wouldn’t be a true urban park. Maybe there’s an opportunity in northern Suffolk now that the economy is holding ravenous developers at bay for a while. The land there even offers more contour than the pancake flat Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. It’s not my place to seek such a park, but one can dream.


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