Hair of Dog/Miles4Meredith double


For the second year in a row, I did the Hair of the Dog 5K run at Mount Trashmore followed by the Miles4Meredith fundraiser ride for local chef Meredith Nicholls, who was paralyzed in a mountain bike accident a couple of years ago. It was bitterly cold and windy today. At the start of the foot race, it was 28 degrees with the wind blowing 10 to 20 mph. Coming out of the north, the wind bit like a dog.

Without Kevin there to push me, I started more easily, working my way through the field and running steadily at about a 7-minute-mile pace. I was able to hold that pace, but only by sheer force of will after the two-mile mark as we turned into the wind again. I had little left for a sprint and finished with a 21:53 chip time for the distance, 22:10 by the gun. It was good enough for third in my 40-44 age group and 31st overall. Imagine if I trained a little bit. (Kale Running, as usual, did a great job organizing this race.)

After the race, I rolled out of Trashmore about noon with about 30 other hardy riders for the fundraiser. Organizer Dan Gibson cut the ride t0 just 20 miles since it was so cold and we rode at a very leisurely pace around central Virginia Beach. Not sure what the finally tally was, but I’m sure the cold cut the turnout, which is a shame. Still anything is better than nothing and it was nice to see such a strong turnout from Fat Frogs and Tripower.


2 responses to “Hair of Dog/Miles4Meredith double

  1. Nice going out there Dinsey! I was sick as a dog all day or I would have been there. I stayed in my running clothes all day running back and forth to the nearest toilet 😉

  2. You’ve been playing at Mt. Trashmore for 33 years!

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