Another double on a beautiful day

It turned out to be a gorgeous Saturday in Hampton Roads. Got up early to run the first race in Kale Running’s Mud in Your Eye cross-country series, a 5K at Mount Trashmore. Ran OK, finishing in 22:33, about a minute slower than last year, but good enough for third in my age group.

Spent the rest of the mornign getting my cross bike back together for next weekend’s race and took a walk with Audrey in the afternoon, enjoying the near 60 degree temps.

At 3, I rode out on the fixie for The Bike Doctor’s (Wes Cheney’s) Lock U Up Alley Cat Classic. Teams were mandatory this time, so I hooked up with a young guy named Adam who seemed to know his way around his bike. After having a little trouble finding the first checkpoint on 38th Street, we rolled the rest of them up very fast and finished first, beating the second-placed threesome of Lynn, Mike P. and Kevin, who rode the Pink Passion, his wife’s basket-laden cruiser. He regretted that decision, I think.

He took this pic of me enjoying the spoils of victory…



2 responses to “Another double on a beautiful day

  1. That is the best medal ever.

  2. …it’s been born…

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