She’s tough all right

Jumping for a header in front of the opposing goal during the first half on Sunday afternoon, Ellie just missed the shot and tumbled to the ground. A few minutes later she was waving to come off the field. She ran off in tears. Someone had stepped on her hand after she landed on the ground. You could see the cleat marks and she said she couldn’t make a fist.

She stayed on the bench for the rest of the half, but said she wanted to go back in at left wing for the second half of her U-12 game. You could tell she was trying to protect the hand, still she played hard. About midway through the second half, she took a ball and beat her defender on the dribble (her ball handling is markedly better). She booted an angled shot into the far right of the goal, giving her team the 2-1 margin it needed to win the game.

A few minutes later, while fighting for the ball, she stumbled and landed on the bad hand. Her scream led the ref to send her to the sideline again. Sunday night, Michele took her to the ER for an X-ray as it started to swell. The ER docs saw no major breaks, but put her in a small removable cast anyway and referred the films to a specialist in case there was something small. The report came back today – nothing broken thankfully. But it is swollen and an ugly bruise is emerging. You can see how swollen it is by her right thumb:


Unfortunately Ellie missed the first day of her middle school field hockey tryouts. She went yesterday with the cast and the coach sent her home.

Ellie showed up again today, knowing nothing was broken and played through the pain. At the end of tryouts, the coach told her she made the team. That’s my tough girl.


2 responses to “She’s tough all right

  1. Sorry about the hand but great effort and congrats for making the team love g-dad

  2. Ellie is a fighter and I’m so proud of her, always.

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