Hand-made bike show in Richmond!


I have trouble believing it, but Urban Velo is reporting that the North American Handmade Bicycle Show will be in Richmond next year in late February.

Virginia isn’t exactly a hotbed of frame building. Previous shows have been in California, Portland and Indianapolis, all of which have much bigger custom scenes. I seek out the coverage every year and drool on my keyboard over the bikes offered by Vanilla, IF, Cicli Polito, Black Sheep and many others. It’s bike porn of the highest artistry. (That’s this year’s best in show above – an old-style grass track racer from Cycli Polito.)

Our own Jimmy Miller made the trip to Indianapolis this year to spread some of his Speedy’s hot sauce love. If Urban Velo is to be believed, the trip will be much shorter this year. And I’ll be making it. I may not be able to afford a custom bike, but that can’t stop a boy from dreaming.

Wednesday update: Richmond show confirmed by Velonews!


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